Crucial Van Safety

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Seniors couple in front of caravan discussing safety tips

Caravanners, listen up to these caravan safety tips!

This incredibly comprehensive article makes for essential reading to keep you – and all road users – safe on our highways. Complete with handy videos, this is one read you won’t want to miss.

“Long road trips can be dangerous. How you match your vehicle and van, distribute weight, know your optimum speed and manage road trains are essential to stay safe and protect your assets. In this insightful piece, veteran road trippers Rob and Vickie Tibbett share the secrets of their successful journeys.

As many nomads prepare for their winter migration north, we thought we might touch on five important safety tips to consider before you head off. Old hands at the towing game will be aware of these tips. Some would have learnt the hard way; others spent time listening to experienced travellers or professionals.

Towing a caravan can be daunting for newcomers. It was for us. For most drivers, a caravan is the biggest and heaviest ‘thing’ you will ever tow. A caravan’s sheer size and weight will change your vehicle’s dynamics. Physics comes into play.

1: Finding your perfect match

Caravans let you know they are there; a friendly reminder, affecting your every movement, especially on bumpy roads and going up or down hills. We could even ‘feel the love’ when towing a 1200kg camper behind a 2700kg Landcruiser 200 Series! It was safe and controllable, but we knew it was there.

You need to match your vehicle to your caravan. All vehicles have a maximum towing capacity. With most tow vehicles this will range from 1600kg to 3500kg. Know your limit; it will be in your vehicle’s handbook. Even though your vehicle is engineered to tow this amount of weight, it is widely recommended you don’t exceed 85 per cent of the curb weight of your vehicle. This is why you will see so many big 4WDs towing caravans.”

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