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When holidaying, it’s tempting to load your caravan with everything but the kitchen sink (luckily, many caravans are equipped with a kitchen sink).

If your caravan is going to be subject to more cramming than a university student, you need to think about ways to maximise your space and minimise the clutter. Actually, you don’t have to think about it at all, because we’ve compiled a bunch of cheap and easy caravan storage tips and space-saving solutions just for you.

In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have so much free space inside your van you could swing a cat. Of course, we strongly advise against testing out that theory.

Foldable or collapsible products help to save space.

1. Invest in collapsible products

Get your mitts on collapsible, fold out, or pop-up products, sometimes for the price of a takeaway latte. Items such as tabletop ironing boards, collapsible or pop-up laundry hampers, clotheshorses, and the like are great space-saving solutions for your caravan. Furthermore, drawer dividers and utensil trays are other handy products that will save you clutter.


Hooks are extremely useful for hanging items in your van, which proves beneficial in more ways than one.

2. Buy a bunch of hooks

Granted, your family might think you’ve turned into a pirate but if you’re armed with a bunch of hooks you are likely to discover room you didn’t know your van had. Hanging items from hooks, such as cooking utensils and keys, is not only great for saving space in your caravan but it’s a practical addition that allows you to easily locate items with ease. Alternatively, clips or suction caps are just as useful.

Hanging shoe racks are a genius idea for saving space.

3. Invest in a hanging shoe rack

Take tip number two a step further and purchase a hanging shoe rack. As far as space-saving ideas go, this one falls into the so-simple-yet-so-effective category. Hanging shoe racks are ideal for storing small items such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and food items. Once again, this solution not only saves you space but ensures easy access to these products when you need to use them. Hanging baskets and mini hammocks – for storing such things as fruit and vegetables – are also perfect for minimising clutter.

Keep items together by investing in storage tubs.

4. Use stackable storage tubs

These things are more versatile than you might give them credit for. Stackable storage tubs aren’t discriminatory – they’ll accommodate any item you can imagine, from clothing to children’s toys. Knowing your van’s dimensions helps for making the most of this handy hint, as you can choose a tub that is a snug fit for a particular section of your van.

Magnetic strips allow you to easily know the whereabouts of key items.

5. Invest in magnetic strips

Where are the scissors when you need them? On the wall. That’s right – they’re sticking really close to the wall-mounted magnet strips you have in your caravan. In addition to allowing you to know the whereabouts of these objects with the utmost of ease, magnetic strips are also great for keeping knives in a secure location.

Nesting bowls are ideal for saving space.

6. Purchase nesting bowls and measuring spoons

Another simple yet effective trick – this one will save you cupboard space – is purchasing ‘nesting’ bowls and measuring spoons. They not only prevent you unnecessarily wasting space but they are convenient items to locate when it comes to cooking or baking.

Take advantage of the space above.

7. Don’t underestimate ceiling space

The ceiling of your caravan is a vital tool in providing protection from the cold, rain, and drop bears. However, it’s about time it stepped up and had more than just one purpose. Use your imagination (or simply keep reading) and you’ll discover there’s plenty of uses for the trusty ceiling. Use it to hang shelves or even wardrobes (hanging wardrobes have to be one of the most inventive space-saving solutions going around). You can also attach brackets to ceilings to hang items such as brooms. Genius.

Room exists in so many areas of the caravan – just use your imagination.

8. Think about unused areas

Following the above tip, it really pays to use your imagination. Take a look around your van and you’ll discover there is abundant space just begging to be filled up with essential items. If you didn’t already know, underneath the bed is a great place to store items, even if it is an area often reserved for monsters.

9. Bring an annex

Without wanting to sound like an ad for a plastic surgery company, this tip won’t help you on the inside, but it will help you on the outside. A caravan annex is ideal for creating more space at your BIG4 campsite and can be used to shield the sun, wind, or rain.

By taking only the essentials you are sure to have more space available in your van.

10. Avoid over-packing

If real estate is still at a premium after all these tips, you can always fall back on a guaranteed hint that will help you to save space: avoid the tendency to over-pack. Think about what is really required for the holiday. In short, prepare a constructive list rather than reading straight from the Armageddon survival kit handbook.

Whether you have a caravan or are looking at purchasing a used or brand new caravan, this advice should serve you well.

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Blog courtesy of BIG4 Holiday Parks.