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There is no such thing as a bad time to take a break. You’re on holidays – what could be better? While it makes sense that weekends are popular for escapes, it shouldn’t be the only time to consider going away.

The benefits of mid-week travel are many and varied, offering the chance for you to save time, money, and hassle.

We’ve put together a few great reasons why you should travel mid-week.

1. There are cheaper rates mid-week

There is no doubt one of the biggest hurdles to a holiday is cost, but with mid-week (and off-peak) travel, you hold all the aces. Off-peak accommodation rates mean it’s cheaper to travel; bonus night stay offers are ample; and you can often score extras like free breakfasts and late checkouts.

traffic mid week holiday escape

Travel mid-week and you’ll likely avoid scenes like this.

2. Mid-week travel helps you beat the crowds

Have you ever been stuck in holiday traffic that’s so bad you notice snails on the footpath passing you by? Maybe it only feels like it’s that bad, but whatever the case, congested roads are super irritating when travelling. This is another great reason to take a mid-week break!

Head away on a mid-week escape and you can expect much less traffic on the roads compared to weekends. This is especially so if you enjoy the chance to have a sleep-in while workers face the peak-hour rush.

3. Avoid the queues with mid-week travel

Following point two, it’s almost a given that your visit to a wealth of tourist attractions, restaurants, and other facilities will be less crowded than if you were to visit on a weekend.

Grab pole position in front of the monkey enclosure at a zoo, walk straight up to a ride at an amusement park, or book a tour on the day without being told that you’ll have to try again another time.

Forget queues and crowds, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of your chosen attraction. In addition, cost savings again come into consideration: sometimes mid-week discounts are available at various attractions.

4. Be that person other people envy

Many of us can relate to this scenario: you scroll through your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed during your lunch break (or even at 9.01am) and spot an inspiring image. In a flash you think ‘I wish I were there, instead of being stuck at work’.

If you travel mid-week, you don’t have to wish this scenario. You can be the one posting from somewhere far more exotic than your workplace.

sawtell beach holiday park

Be here, Sawtell Beach Holiday Park, instead of work.

5. Break up the week with a break!

Monday to Friday can feel like a grind. What better way to overcome that feeling than by taking a mid-week break! Even a one-night escape a couple of hours’ drive from home is all it takes to feel refreshed and invigorated and to get through the week. What’s more, you still have the weekend to enjoy. Escape the daily grind and enjoy this spectacular country of ours.